Cannot Connect Airpods in Windows? Here’s the Fix!

Save time and money for you and your customers. Easy automation and access to all of our favorite tools. Bootsafe – starts the main BootSafe interface with all available options.

Taking a screenshot in Chrome requires an extension to be installed. You can add the extension Awesome Screenshot to capture the whole page or parts of the page. You can also add the Screencastify extension to capture video in Chrome. Using the device – Press and hold the Windows icon on the bezel of your Surface Pro, and then press the volume down key. Download the WinSnap app from Ntwind Software if you want your screenshots to have rounded corners or shadows, reflections, highlights, outlines, watermarks, or color effects.

Top 3 Recommended Ways To Capture Screenshot On Windows 10

Microsoft doesn’t like you to take screenshot of the login screen, but we have the fix. In the Windows search box, enter Snip and then double-click to launch Snip & Sketch app. Everyone knows of this small key on your keyboard. This will remove everything from the image except the area you have selected.

  • Now, follow “Step 3-Step 4” mentioned in the previous method to successfully boot your system in safe mode.
  • Using the Cortana’s search field, enter the following words ‘system configuration’.
  • Generally, you can choose either Minimal or Network option to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode to troubleshoot problems in Windows 10 system.
  • The reinstallation process should keep your personal files on your Windows 10 device intact, but it’s worthwhile having a backup just in case something goes wrong.

Microsoft allows users to send their screenshots to OneDrive for cloud storage directly from their PC. I recommend you to enable OneDrive on your device so that you never lose any screenshot that you take on your device. Finally, make sure you save your image inside your favorite location. To do so, you can either press Ctrl + S from your keyboard or you can also click the save icon.

Microsoft Defender is now a cross-platform cybersecurity app

Hitting those three keys will bring How do I fix missing MSV1160CP10 DLL? up a simple menu, allowing you to choose between rectangular, freeform, window and full-screen snips. The screenshot will be added to the clipboard and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to save it to your hard drive. This solution works just like pressing the Print Screen button, but saves only the active window. So if you have multiple folders opened on your desktop, pressing the Alt and Print Screen keys at the same time will allow you to save the image without background clutter.

Take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to your computer

If it’s to big to fit on your USB just copy all the other files/folders except the x86/x64 folders and just copy the one your after. Or buy a 16GB USB – but I think both installs will fit on an 8GB. If your W10 is running slow I suggest doing a clean W10 install. Windows upgrades impact your system performance. I’ve found it an easy and hassle free way to do it. I’d recommend it to anyone who did several preview upgrades as it cleared out all my issues that were inherited from prior builds.

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